The Lab

„Our mission is to empower the
visionaries and disruptors from
all over Europe to create a global


To make ideas happen through a 360° holistic approach that covers every resource necessary for growing and scaling your startup – from support and consulting to infrastructure, technology, budget, and test markets – and to achieve real results by creating the conditions for detecting problems early, foreseeing obstacles on the path to fruition, and tapping into long-term creative synergies.


360 Lab powers and accelerates entrepreneurship for founders, SMEs, and large corporations, from the first spark of creativity to the incubation period, getting product-to-market fit, and introducing your innovation to the world. We help our partners overcome procedural hurdles and the lack of resources so they can launch, scale and take their product global.

Entrepreneurs — Innovators — Accelerator — Generalists

Angelika Mitteregger
Innovation Consultant
Celine Prexl
Social Media Manager
Christian Vancea
Managing Director
Dominik Renner
Head of PMO
Felix Uitz
Head of Innovation
Jasper Ettema
Program Manager
Julia Momeny
Executive Assistant / Legal
Martin Trink
Head of Accelerator
Mike Rumpold
Graphic Designer
Stefan Schweiger
Business Developer
Xaver Kettele
Innovation Consultant